Before Traveling

It is recommended to the passengers, to report at least two hours prior to the planned flights of SKYEXPRESS in order to finish the check in, since the counters close 40 minutes before the departure.             
Travel documentation
The Passenger is personally responsible, to carry valid identification papers with him, that are in accordance with the regulations of SKYEXPRESS also the respective destination. Fines, Punitive damage, Payments ore Expenditures of any kind that result from not complying with these regulations have to be paid by the Passenger himself. In order to ensure the secure compliance of these regulations, SKYEXPRESS  recommends, that during all flights a Valid Passport (and a valid Visa) should be carried at all times.
Babies & Escort
When Children travel without escort, the so called „Unaccompanied Minors (UM)“ International regulations are valid, so that the junior flight guest can reach their destination safely. Prepare together with your Child, Children, for such a special trip. Hint: An Online-Booking for unaccompanied Minors is not possible 
SKYEXPRESS defines unaccompanied children as follows:
  • Children between 5 and 11 Years; without escort from 15 years old
  • Children between 3 and 5 Years; with escort between 12 and 15 Years
With the will of the parents Children between 12 and 18 Years old can also be escorted in their trip. Prepare all the needed Travel documentation.

Handicapped Persons
At the Airport or on Board – SKYEXPRESS supports Handicapped People with services and aid rendered according to situations on spot. At the Zürich and Prishtina Airport Personnel with special training takes care of Passengers with Special needs (Handicapped). In most Airports we offer free wheelchairs and transportation vehicles, with Accompanying Personnel for Departure and Arrival. In our Airplanes the armresters can be removed. For Passengers with Wheel Chairs we recommend that they show up at the Check-In counter 120 minutes before the Flight.
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